Call for Paper

CCSIT invites unpublished papers which are not under review by any other conference or journal. Authors are invited to submit contributions presenting research results, concepts, practical standards, running experiments, implementations, applications, and industrial case studies. All conference tracks are open to both scientific and industry contributions. Topic areas include, but are not limited to: After plagiarism checking and review process, original research papers will be published in International Journal of Research Trends in Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT) having good indexing.

The ICAC organizing team welcomes papers on the following (but not limited to) research topics:

2G, 3G, 4G and beyond
Addressing and Routing Architectures
Ad-hoc networks
Advance Technique In  Computing Algorithm
Applications of Expert Systems
Artificial Intelligence Bio Informatics
Cellular Networks
Computational Intelligence on the web
Computer organization
Cross-layer design and optimization
Cryptography and Information Security
Cyber Law
Data Warehouse and Data mining
Database Applications
Database Security and Transaction Support
Digital Image Processing
Disaster Recovery
Planning E-Commerce
ERM and Knowledge Mining
Embedded System
Enterprise- Wide Client-Server Architecture
Evolutionary Programming
Fuzzy Logic
Green networking
Image and Video Compression
Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence
 Information Security
 Intelligent Agents and Applications
IP Spoofing
Mesh networks
Metadata and Meta-modeling
Mobile computing
Natural Language
Interfaces Network
Management Network-based positioning
Neural Network
Object Oriented
Distributed Database
Object Recognition
Detection and Categorization
Pattern Analysis and
Classification Peer-to-peer networks
Protocols and Standards
Quantum Computing
RFID-based systems
Risk Management
Robotics Security and
Privacy Sensor Networks
Web architectures
Soft Computing
Software Engineering
Software Requirement
Analysis Software Testing
Speech Recognition
Strategic Decision Support Systems
System Integration
Video Analysis and Event Recognition
Web Content Management
Web Databases
Web Geographical
Information Systems
Web Information Filtering and Retrieval
Web Services and Web Engineering
Wireless Networks
It shall be appreciated that papers are send at earliest regardless of dates so that editing and compilation work can take place simultaneously.