Director Desk

Conference Director Message

Education without research and development becomes meaningless. This International Conference provides the platform to come closer globally. The Global educational societies sharing the knowledge of the day. We feel highly motivated by the positive response from contributors and like minded educational fraternity showing their deep interest in this conference.

The 4th International Conference of Advanced Computing is a scholarly forum for those wishing to explore and advance all aspects of education through appropriate application of information technology.

We will feel more encouraged on hearing from all the delegates and your valuable suggestions to further improve our future Conferences. I sincerely extend my sincere gratitude to those who have contributed through papers.

The college which was established in 2001 with just 2 courses namely PGDCA and BCA is now an arc for more than 10 courses. This is in the true sense the power and specialty of the technology and the boom in the Information Technology sector. Claiming to have the best classroom education, this institution has undoubtedly one of the finest infrastructures among the various departments of the university with well-equipped labs and libraries, an undef-eatable faculty base, and the students who are the shining buds of the college. College of Computing Sciences and Information Technology is the pride of the Principal which has an amazing education including all the technological advancements and equipment where the students are insisted on learning new technologies like cloud computing, Internet of thing (IOT) and so on.

The students get both theoretical and practical knowledge about the field work and are not only focused on the bookish knowledge but all over development of the students is the key principle of the department. When asked

about the students’ standing in the competitive world, he said, all the necessary requirements of the wards are fulfilled to the core and they are constantly pushed and motivated to have an analytical mind setup and are exposed to real life situations which makes the students compatible with the outer world.”

‘Students should understand the importance of technological changes. Thinking out of the box is very necessary. Think beyond the traditional system and creating something new and imaginative is a must. Imagine and work which is ably supported by the technology and the teachers. You take a step forward and we will help you to cross the whole bridge together. Just initiate the process and the rest will be instituted by the institution these words were the motivational beliefs of the proud principal.

Prof. (Dr.) R.K. Dwivedi

(Conference Director)